Talking to Myself

I tend to talk to myself a lot. When I say I talk to myself, I don’t mean I ask myself questions then proceed to reply to them. I’ll leave having real conversations to other people. However, I do tend to actually say things running through my head out loud.

I sort of see this blog to be slightly similar to talking to myself, too, as it’s full of random thoughts that cross my mind that I “say out loud” (or type and post on the internet, same thing) and essentially, talk to myself.

Usually, blogs have audiences reading and commenting on posts. Originally, my blog’s audience was very limited to only my professor (this blog & its posts were created for a class) but has since expanded to include the people I’ve forced to read it and my mom, who is, hands down, the best audience member I’ve got because she subscribed to be emailed when I make a new post (HI MOM – I’ve always wanted to say that).

My mom told me that my blog is good and even though she’s slightly obligated to say that (don’t fight me on this Ma, I know you are), I wanted to post more to continue being good and because it’s fun. So here’s to continuing to talk to myself and hoping that maybe one day I’ll have that audience bloggers out there once only dreamed of having.

Tying this post back into the theme of my overall blog, I am currently letting Dandelion Root Tea I just brewed steep for 10-15 minutes because for the next week, I’m trying out Jillian Michaels’s detox water. It’s supposed to help you lose excess water weight.

I’m doing this not solely for the number on the scale to drop (although that would be nice). Instead, I’m doing it to help with bloating, because while I usually feel bloated, I just got home from vacation today and the bloat is extra rough today and will be for a few days. I’m hoping this detox water, consisting of water, dandelion root tea, cranberry juice and lemon juice, will shed that water weight and save me from feeling like a balloon someone blew up too much, which I know is a weird analogy.

Next week, when I am finished the detox, I’ll make a post reviewing my experience of the detox because I know I love reading people’s experiences before I try products/foods/approaches/etc. Granted, my mom may be the only person seeing this post, but hey, maybe this review will push her to take a few minutes and make up some water for herself! One person sure is better than none.

Have a great week!